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Privacy Policy

All confidential information which we exchange with the clients, such as personal and financial information, credit cards and other information which is considered to have strictly limited access, is tranfer like a code, with the use of SSL -giving maximal privacy and safety. We guarantee privacy of all confidential information of our clients. We also guarantee, that this information will not be accessible or transferred to anyone, including private persons and organization.


The safety provided by SSL server
According to all standards of the USA, we apply the 128-bit coding of the information on server SSL. It is the highest standard applied for coding information in the Internet. note: the Government of the United States limits sale of such systems of coding information abroad. Our server is located in the USA. Grace to our American partners, we could provide your Internet-safety at the highest world level.


SSL server
Protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) codes all theinformation, transferred through the Internet between the client and a server. This system guarantees transfer of the information only between the clients connected to each other through this report, and access to the information or interception and use of the information by the third parties is impossible.


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