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Where to buy

You can buy navigating program NaviFon in several ways:

  • The first and most simple way is purchase through our Internet shop, which will allow you to buy directly from the seller and save on trading margins (tax). Moreover, company NaviFone has partner contracts with representatives of large Companies-manufacturers GPS equipment. According to this contracts, our aspiration to reduce the prices and make navigation accessible to everyone you can get BlueTooth GPS receivers under the special low price by using Navigating program NaviFon.
  • You also can get it through the Internet shops or retail networks of our partners. Trading Networks and the Internet shops which sell program NaviFon are listed below. Here you can find useful information about Trading Networks and Internet Shops interesting to you..

Internet shop "Mobile friend"
phone: (495) 542-09-11

Internet shop " MINI-SHOP MKS"
consultation phone: +7 (495) 380-0913
contact phone: 8-910-426-0845
ICQ 198326332, 200224982

Internet shop ""
OOO “Webcorporation” - Moscow, str. Temiryazevskaya10/12
contact phone: +7 (495) 7957109
Icq: 283-179-953, 254-907-135

Company "Beliy Veter" (White Wind) 
phone: (495) 730-30-30
Internet shop:

Company "Start Master"
phone: (495) 967-15-15
Internet shop:

Company "Betalink"
phone: (495) 223-33-22